Our Mission: HELM believes that nothing should come between you and your music. Through cutting edge craftsmanship we deliver transcendent clarity, connectivity and comfort. .

Our Commitment: Crafted by artists, producers, musicians, and techies with a promise to create headphones that inspire passion through delivering every nuance and detail the artist intended.

HELM Technology: Helm products are engineered for cutting-edge performance, believing audiophiles and mass-market consumers alike are tired of the mediocre sound other audio brands find acceptable only to maintain their inflated margins. We don’t cut corners, only costs, democratizing superior audio for all music lovers.

For the HELM over-ear products, this means developing leading-edge planar magnetic technology, connectivity, and amplification to deliver an immersive dynamic audio experience for music, movies and games at home or on the go.

This means re-crafting driver technology by creating the world’s first rectangular driver for an improved soundstage and lower distortion and using top-grade materials to deliver studio quality performance with globetrotting durability.

Through revolutionary innovation, streamlined manufacturing, and authentic marketing we deliver a level of sound and value that no other brand can.


Innovation Drives Our Products:  First, we made our drivers SQUARE verses round, an industry first. So they come out to an unmatched 66mm (most in the industry that are 50). The square planar design flexes more evenly than both round planar and dynamic drivers minimizing distortion and delayed resonance while increasing accuracy and phase coherence = better sound. Also, rectangles reduce manufacturing time and waste passing on the savings to you and the environment. Finally, we created more cost-effective and efficient magnets and diaphragms. Our groundbreaking magnetic diaphragms feature double-sided silver coiling to significantly improve conductivity between high performance neodymium magnets.


First to Market - Helm Amp & Bass Boost Tech: To ensure you can boost the volume and bass at any level you desire on any mobile device we are bundling in our HELM Boost Cable, the world’s first in-line amp cable powered by THX’s AAA amplifier (the lowest distortion amp on the market!). This first of its kind product takes studio quality on the go, working with the majority of wired headphones.

In addition, we are developing a dual array in-line noise cancelling boom microphone that will seamlessly connect  as an add on for crystal clear phone calls, conferencing, and perfect for gaming.

Wireless Advancements: Our True Wireless series focuses on bringing high end audiophile sound with the freedom from wires. Sound matters, combined with the ultimate comfort, the fit that stays put in everything you do and a unique design with materials that are durable, scratch resistant and resilient to the daily grind. Get Connected, Stay Connected with Industry Leading Connectivity Technology including Patent Pending HELIX Antenna, fast pair (Easy to use) and over 80 feet of range.