A NEW PARADIGM FOR HEARING HEALTH & CARE developed by the inventor of the first wireless IEM -Stephen Ambrose


Years in the making with millions of dollars of research & development, the result is the ADEL Inflatable ear tip design that essentially creates a second eardrum. It’s almost science fiction but it’s not.

The inflatable design uses patented technology & materials that feels natural and works with the natural dynamics of how humans hear sound. Anyone who cares about what they hear, how it sounds and most importantly protecting the longevity of your hearing, the ADEL IEM is for you.

The Story


The ADEL system inflates to create what we call "A Second Eardrum" here are a few of the benefits:

  • No Occlusion Effect (your voice will not sound boomy or like you are in a barrel)
  • Natural to your ears and your body re-establishing balanced hearing
  • No Fatigue means you can wear all day
  • Listen at much lower volume levels, affecting long term hearing health
  • Universal fit adjusted by you
  • Existing users claim Tinnitus effects are vastly diminished
  • Existing users claim restoration of full stereo listening abilites using ADEL


PROTECTION: The inflatable design establishes a perfect seal creating a natural barrier becoming a dynamic shield from damaging sounds and improved hearing.

PRESERVE: Way less Volume needed. The perfect seal also means you hear better at 25% to 50% less volume levels than your normal listening level to greatly reduce further noise induced hearing loss.

ENHANCE: Creates a perfect sound chamber providing a clearer and a far more accurate listening experience. Additionally, through multiple testimonials from users they have experienced restoration of hearing function and the ablity to hear in stereo.

TINNITUS: Testing has shown that people with hearing deficiencies have been able to improve hearing function and have had signficant reduction in their Tinnitus condition.

HEARING HEALTH IS A BIG DEAL - ADEL has been Proven on the world's largest stages

The ADEL Solution has had a Positive Impact for the World's Leading Artists. Now in this beta program it can be a life changing benefit to you and anyone who has hearing challenges or cares about how they hear.

Brian Johnson (AC/DC)
Cliff Richards
KT Tunstall (Grammy Winning Artist)
Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger)
Robin Zander - Cheap Trick
George Thorogood Band
Paul Wickens - Paul McCartney Band
Brian Ray - Paul McCartney Band
Rusty Anderson - Paul McCartney Band
Kenji Fenton - Hot City Horns
Calum Ingram - Cellist
Colby Peters - Drummer
Josh Harmon (Most Viewed Drummer)


The ADEL™ Inflatable In-Ear Monitor Revolutionizing Hearing Health

Welcome to the HELM ADEL Beta Program - For the first time ever the Multi-Patented Inflatable ADEL Tip Design technology is now available to the public in this incredible IEM headphone.

In this Beta Program you'll have first access to purchase a handcrafted ADEL In-Ear Monitor System just like some of the world's leading artists are using. 

The ADEL IEM System provides significant benefits for your hearing health and changes everything in how you will hear in the future.

Backed by University Studies and Institutes of Health, including a long list of famous artists, musicians and producers, we are excited to offer this next generation IEM for a limited time in our Beta program.

How the BETA program works: Once an order is placed our team will contact you to walk through a survey and an onboarding process. Once the onboarding is complete your unit will go into production - made in the USA

  • As a customer and being part of this Beta program means you'll get to provide valuable feedback helping shape the future of the ADEL products.
  • Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to purchase the future IEM at our cost.
  • SHIPPING UPDATE: The production work will begin within one week of the order with the final product shipment in approximately two weeks. All customers will be kept informed on the progress along the way. Upon final QA and testing your order will ship. There will be a getting started guide, video and our team will be available to walk you through any set-up or any questions. 

Note: There may be one on one Zoom calls with the team during the process.

**The ID.me (Heroes program) does not qualify for this product.

Contact our team if you want any additional information: support@helmaudio.com

Key Pieces to the ADEL

  • PATENTED ADEL Inflatable Tip Design featuring ultra-lightweight pump system
  • Resilient behind the ear custom housing with easy to use pump buttons
  • Customized & Tuned Balanced Armatuers
  • High-End MMCX removable gold plated cabling
  • Adjustable and durable wrap around tubing for the right fit