Life-Changing Testimonials using the ADEL™ Inflatable In-Ear System




KT Tunstall - Grammy Award Winning Artist

“Currently on a month long tour of the UK and have to say…THANK YOU so much! The shows so far have just been MIND-BLOWINGLY great. We just had the best London show I have ever played in nearly 20 years of performing last night - friends and family who have watched me over the years felt it too, and in no small part because of my ability to hear and sing on a game-changing new level on stage. I’m so grateful for this new technology and design in the ADEL’s. I can honestly say that even only having one hearing ear these days, I *feel* I can hear BETTER using these than I ever could before. I can sing so dynamically; I can sing quietly - which never felt available to me before, and I can completely relax into, and get lost in the sound we are creating on stage.“



Josh Harmon - Influencer, Musician & Most Viewed Drummer of 2022

"Last night I played drums along to some music using the ADEL monitors. For the past few years, I’ve only been able to play for about 15 minutes (at the max) before I get brutal ear fatigue and sharp pain. Oftentimes the sound of the drums (the thing I love) hurts so much that I can’t play at all. Doctors had told me to stop playing the drums, and this sent me into a depression. With the ADELs I played for two hours straight, full-out. No pain. No ringing in the ears afterwards! I actually was able to play better because my body was relaxed. Since I’ve started experiencing hyperacusis and tinnitus I have become so afraid of hurting my ears that I often tense up and hold back in my playing. 

The ADELs removed that fear. I was able to fully immerse myself in the music. I started giggling (and also crying a bit), realizing I was doing something I hadn’t been able to do in so long – jam along to my favorite songs, and have fun doing it. The ADELs are going to make music fun again for me. To be able to play without fear, without worry — in an instant, I felt healed. I feel like I’ve been given back the keys to the car. I can drive again. I feel free. I’ll keep giving feedback as I test them more but so far I’m blown away.



Brian Johnson of AC/DC

“It WORKS. It just totally works and you can’t argue with that. I was really moved and amazed to be able to hear music again like I haven’t heard for several years now. I can’t wait for it to be miniaturize, so I can use it in every situation from normal communication, going out to noisy restaurants, to performing live music on stage.”

 I went, ‘Ooh! God! I can hear everything!
Calum Ingram - Acclaimed Alternative Cellist, Singer & Song Writer
 “ADEL Never stops blowing my mind, I reached out to the inventor of ADEL Stephen Ambrose right after I had a sudden dramatic loss of hearing in my right ear over night.. Since then I have been involved in research and R and D testing different embodiments. Thanks to ADEL I’m now able to hear all that I have lost, I had an instant sense of Euphoria as I was being transported back to how I remember hearing as a kid, Totally Astounding!! Thanks to ADEL its been a total joy getting back on stage with loud rock bands, ADEL continues restore hope and confidence.. A total game changer, Im all here for it!!” 
Additionally Calum is helping the team spread the ADEL story as an official representative in the UK. Learn more about Calum click here